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February 01 2018


[calls a sex hotline] home alone shouldn’t have had a sequel. it should’ve been a one time thing. no i don’t want to talk dirty listen to me. home alone 2 was terrible





I’m trying to think of a way to thank you guys for the ko-fi tips bc they really do mean a lot to me but for now just settle for your regularly scheduled programming??? ?

i figured out just the thing

this very small turtle i found

A lil bitty red eared slider! He’s so cute!!

he’s actually a midland painted turtle! it’d be easier to ID him if you saw the other photos I took. But notice his “eye” marking is yellow, not red! :^)


i dangerously said anyone could be a vriska because in my fucking disgusting all-too-human hubris i ever so briefly forgot about the discourse

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I had to do this (x). 

*please dont repost my works on other sites~!*

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im watching the same movie as all of you right

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BRUH we finally have official artwork of naked Burmy 🤣🤣

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Crow babies are important

Somehow it never occurred to me that crows start out as babies.


those aren’t baby crows

these are baby crows

but if those are baby crows, what are those birds?

i poked around, and apparently they’re buff-banded rail chicks

crows, like other songbirds (yes, crows are songbirds), have what are calle atricial young- they hatch basically featherless and unable to walk and do much of anything but beg for food. rails, on the other hand, have precocial young- their chicks are fluffy from the get-go and can start walking almost immediately. ducklings are a well-known example of this

Note to self: if the baby doesn’t look like a bristly goblin, it’s not a corvid

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Hester Shaw from the carnivorous cities books >:]

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“would you like a pant, friend?”

Slenderman gotta work retail now? Smh, this economy fucked EVERYONE

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The moon this morning was beyond beautiful and inspiring.

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“not vriska” “probably vriska”


so far i see the interpretations of this to be like really literal. you guys are thinking of vriska as just a character. weak. the concept of “a vriska” transcends the limits of a literal on page character. a vriska is a powerful story element. if you ever meet a vriska its already over for you. a family can just be 10 vriskas.

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lmao ain’t that the guy from star wars?

This is one of those pictures that the more you look at it the worse it gets

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today’s daddy of the day is: any and all consenting werewolves

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Guys. I just got to an ecology exam in a big lecture hall and the guy next to me had a huge cooler and I asked what was in it and he said “Candy, want some?” I could think of weirder uses for a cooler and said yeah, so he opened the lid.

Her name is Candy.

He says they’re going on a walk after class.

In case you were wondering, she went on the walk, and it was perfect outside.

I think about this from time to time.

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Top 10 Anime Betrayals

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