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May 23 2018

local man sees really cool sword in pawn shop window


“holy shit” he has said




Character development is Aragorn finally washing his hair at the end of Return of the King

Although! He did wash it in Rivendell, in the first movie.

…although I doubt he wanted to…

Elrond: “Come over here, Estel. I have something to show you”

Aragorn: *walks over*

Elrond: *grabs Aragorn by the neck and shoves him face first into a bird bath*






the new batch of love for john mulaney here on tumblr has got me thinking how critical costume design is once again. john mulaney is a good comedian, but so much of his power comes from how his humor plays off how he’s dressed. we don’t expect a man dressed like a 1960s news announcer, all clean scrubbed and tight-wound professional, to describe in minute detail the visit where a doctor shoved a hand up his ass. imagine any iconic john mulaney set but given in jeans and a t-shirt, and is it as funny? i don’t think so. his humor spreads like wildfire on this website because the image of a man in a buttoned-up shirt and a tie and slicked back hair with fairly narrow lapels on his three-piece suit is fucking hysterical when paired with “years later I’d be in college about to go down on some rockin’ twink and i’d be like what would leonard bernstein do”

well I do recall a comedian telling about how he accidentally joined the russian mafia on a school trip in college, and this was made more believable by the fact that he was shirtless with a beer belly while telling this story

since someone asked

Frick thank you so much


1727 dbeb


“I’m outta here!”

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Dear lunchables,

today i opened one of your ham and cheddar lunchables. i was surprised to find that i did NOT have an equal amount of toppings. i was missing 1 piece of ham. as you know, it is hard to make a cracker sandwich with only a piece of cheese. i would like it if you sent me that 1 piece of ham in the mail so i may finish my lunchable.


Sierra Seybold

March 24th, 2013

Dear lunchables, 

it has been 2 years and i still have not received a complementary piece of ham. today, it happened to me again and i was reminded of that awful day 2 years ago when i was not able to correctly finish my lunchable due to a ham shortage. if you do not reply soon, i will take legal action.


Sierra Seybold

March 20th, 2015

It’s July 20th, 2017 and yet, I haven’t gotten my ham

It’s been 5 years. This is horrible customer service


my coworker today was like “i bet you dont know this song” and put on Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. And I was like “yeah, of course I do, it’s Elton John” and he was like “who?” and I said “Elton John. He wrote this” and he was like “oh I don’t know about that, it’s just in the Chicken Little movie” 


some of you have never had a customer service job and it shows

My wishes for a Chrestomanci tv/netflix series


- A whole season or at least several episodes for each book; all in the order as they were published, rather than chronologically

- NOT an unconventionally or edgily attractive actor for grown up Christopher. A beautiful but bland one (looking wise) who is still a good actor please. But looks wise, seriously, like a typically golden era hollywood actor, but washed out, smoothed out, and sleeked out and dripped in baby oil and powder, to the point where he looks (at first sight) as blandly and generically old-fashionedly handsome as possible.

- And NOT Cucumberbanana as Christopher! Why is he the typical fancast on the internet? Nobody is less suitable for Christopher - looks and acting wise - than him. Please.

- But have a cute awkard kid for young Christopher, whith curly hair.

- A brown Millie and mixed Roger and Julia.

- Lots of sassy cats.

- And lots of Dressing Gowns

- Really, the most outgragoues Dressing Gowns of all time - including every single one that was described in the books, and beyond that!

- Let’s have Michael Saunders read “yellow French books” please. Don’t censor that, I beg of you.

- Great, really beautiful and atmospheric music!

- A very atmospheric style, that fits the brightness and darkness of the books.

- Keep the themes of self-love and confidence, please.

- I’m sure I will think of more soon.

- Also, Dressing Gowns.

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Captain Raymond Holt: an Icon™

Reposted byAvadacadavra Avadacadavra



Me in history class: Wow, humanity has been through some fascinating times!  I wonder if I’ll ever live through major historical events!


it was supposed to be space travel. it was supposed to be space travel. it was supposed to be space travel. it was supposed to be space travel. it was supposed to be space tr

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Rapier by Pietro Caino via Arms and Armor

Medium: Steel, wood, iron

Gift of William H. Riggs, 1913 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY


1901 2ca1 500


i finally found the most relatable scene in this show


Pokemon fans 2018: Ugh I HATE people who use computers to add Pokemon into their game it ruins it for the rest of us

Pokemon fans 1999: Raise two Sneasels to level 57 who both have Beat Up as their third move and breed an Egg from them, then clone 5 pokemon by turning off your game during a save make sure the 5th one is corrupted data named ? that you can’t put in the PC because it doesn’t actually exist and will brick your game all so the Egg will hatch into a level 0 Celebi that knows Drill Peck

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