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August 06 2017

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i’m tired of plot holes






“omg you can’t play video games on easy mode!!”

listen if i wanted to struggle with some dumb task and fail a dozen times for bullshit reasons only to get some underwhelming reward once i finally get it right i would just live my actual life and not play video games smh

pls love urself

Oh and if you want to play something like Dark Souls? Don’t feel bad for using guides or looking up walkthroughs. I’ve done that to find specific items, or when something is so bullshit and obscure that I need help for it (I’m pretty damn good at it, too.) 

And guess what? My experience didn’t diminish at all. If anything it helped me. 

Use guides. Use cheats. Use item duplication glitches. Clip through the floor going 30 miles a second. Just have fun

Its about having fun

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Make-up at Rodarte Fall 2014

how can you take this post seriously with the photos arranged like that

If you meet me online by Grubbs Tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden



That do not happen


Bellossom does not evolve into Lilligant


Dedenne does not evolve into Raichu


Bayleef does not evolve into Tropius


Diglett does not evolve into Weedle


Unown does not evolve into Sigilyph


Bounsweet does not evolve into Hoppip


Jirachi does not evolve into Uxie OR Azelf


Gastly does not evolve into Cloyster


Cleffa does not evolve into Flaaffy


Venonat does not evolve into Butterfree


Chingling does not evolve into Bronzong


Oddish does not evolve into Jumpluff


Minior does not evolve into Solrock OR Lunatone


Luvdisc does not evolve into Alomomola


Castform does not evolve into Nuzleaf


Bronzor does not evolve into Cryogonal

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hey just saying

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If someone could love me for me no matter what I too would make that face



culture impacts so much about our relationship and views of dogs, honestly. a lot of people dont realize it

like a country’s dogs are a direct result of that country’s culture and values

think of an average, stereotypical dog. if you immediately go to something energetic and playful and silly and happy, elevator music in its head but incredibly loving, thats a really north american view of a dog, who value these boisterous and big-hearted animals. the most popular western breeds are retrievers and bully mixes and such

ask an east asian, and im gonna bet that answer is gonna be a whole lot different!  intelligence, calm aloofness, very serious but undying loyalty and fearlessness are all typical traits for the dogs in that part of the world, and their dogs are the nihon ken like akita and shiba

go to south america, its different again! dogs are quick witted and lithe, very opportunistic and sneaky, because much of south american dogs are pariahs and street dogs who have to be cunning survivalists

and it goes on and on with how a country’s history and culture completely shapes the dogs from there, and as immigration and globalization became more popular, those dogs began to become international, too! there are so many ways where culture is reflected within dogs

my favorite part about this post is definitely all the people commenting in the tags what country they are from and the kind of dog they immediately thought of

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“I just feel so dead inside…”

Dead inside, you say? I know something that might just work



I was at my cousin’s house for a family barbecue and she shushed us all bc her neighbor ‘The Captain’ was walking by with a dog, and he was just some skinny guy with a long ponytail and a captain’s hat walking an irish wolfhound so we all like ‘what’s the big deal’ but she told us to wait and then like ten minutes later he passed again on his way back to his house but he just…had a different dog. it was like a cocker spaniel. she said every day he leaves the house with the wolfhound and comes back with the tiny dog and she’s never seen them get returned either way. she can never find out where he walks to. shes been watching him for years. my family was freaking the fuck out one of my other cousins looked like he was about to have an aneurysm.  

This is comedy gold

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Властное объятие

apparently that means “powerful embrace”, but i got this

which seems much more russian

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this is so cute

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It’s just love 🌈

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I’m so glad i didn’t miss this


There’s something really terrifying about the concept of being pursued by something that can only walk slowly after. Just slooowly following. You can chill for a while if you get far enough away but it’s still coming.





i just realized that i have a roommate and its april fools im going to turn a bunch of things in the house upside down and hide dinosaurs everywhere goodnight





now we wait


she just walked in and didnt even fucking care. didnt bother to turn anything over. just sat on the floor. shes been eating that burrito for 15 minutes

This is a perfect illustration of how I deal with my problems





back in freshman year of high school we had this teacher who was really fucking annoying and HATED cell phones with a fucking passion. at the beginning of the school year he had us sign this goddamned “contract” that we wouldn’t have it in class or he would confiscate it.

so this annoying douchebag kid was on his phone and the teacher went “you have to give it to me now you signed the contract” and the kid didn’t even look up and said “contracts signed by a minor are not legally binding” and continued to text. and i hated that kid but…..dare i say iconic

anyway he got detention for it but i just found out he got into law school this year

Ha ha ha nice try kiddo. That’ll get filed right alongside the “THIS IS A PRIVATE DEVICE YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE IT FROM ME” bullshit argument.

I wish people would stop trying to make teachers’ lives miserable. And then reveling in the fact. 

Actually it isn’t bullshit. Minors can’t legally sign contracts. Parents have to do it for them. The minor has to undersign. Nice try looking like a jackass tho.

Also, legally speaking, a teacher cannot physically confiscate anything from you. They can threaten you with detention and try to coerce you into giving it up “voluntarily,” but legally speaking if they take it from you with force they are committing theft (and potentially minor assault).

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